Reach – Advanced React.js Full Course

Take your components to new levels with these advanced patterns, lectures, exercises, and more.
Take your React skills to the next level. There is no better way to learn the patterns used by React library authors to make your components uncommonly reusable and your apps more declarative. You will immediately find places to use these patterns in your React applications and make your code awesome.

Eight in-depth lessons
Video lectures and screencasts
Hands-on exercises for each lesson
Guided video solutions
Your Instructor: Ryan Florence

Hey! I’ve been building stuff on the web since the 90’s (before fancy things like CSS and JavaScript!). I care most about great composable APIs and accessible UI. I co-authored React Router and now build OSS at Reach. I’ve taught web development and React to thousands of developers at our workshops, and now we’re bringing that material online.



Getting ed
Course Introduction
Getting the Material
01 Imperative v. Declarative
Intro – Stick Shifts and Cruise Control (4:10)
Lecture – (18:35)
Exercise – Getting the Code (0:42)
Exercise Intro – (2:57)
Exercise Solution – (7:33)
02 Compound Components
Intro – A Tale of Two Fans (2:27)
Lecture – (34:51)
Exercise – Getting the Code
Exercise Intro – (1:26)
Exercise Solution – (5:41)
03 Context
Intro – Snowboarding on Sand (1:39)
Lecture – (again, but better!) (10:17)
Exercise – Getting the Code
Exercise Intro – (6:09)
Exercise Solution – (22:40)
04 Higher Order Components
Intro – Chocolate Dipped Ice Cream Cones (0:59)
Lecture – withMedia(Comp) (15:55)
Exercise – Getting the Code
Exercise Intro – withStorage() (2:48)
Exercise Solution – withStorage() (11:07)
05 Render Prop Callbacks
Intro – A Bowl of Ice Cream and Chocolate Syrup (1:22)
Lecture – (11:44)
Exercise – Getting the Code
Exercise Intro – (4:14)
Exercise Solution – (8:24)
06 Implementing React Router
Exercise Intro – Implementing React Router (4:29)
Exercise Solution – Implementing React Router (9:59)
07 Implementing Redux
Exercise Intro – Implementing React Redux (9:47)
Exercise Solution – Implementing React Redux (9:41)
08 Controlled Components
Lecture – Controllable (19:18)
Exercise Intro -(2:07)
Exercise Solution -(12:34)

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